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Collection: “I AM"

Collection: “I AM

In the first collection at “Love Celine”, I wanted it to be one that would embody what I stand for as a person and what the company stands for: self empowerment and inspiration in self. 

I like to look for the best in everyone around me and by doing this it frequently baffles me how that often times people don't understand or see how beautiful they are. I have seen that people in general don't get complimented for all the great things they are doing, how they are looking, and so on - which at times can make that person feel that they aren't enough. We live in a society where everyone feels like they have to be doing more, being somewhere else, and having to change based on what social media thinks is "trendy". This media can make anyone believe the lies that are told through the internet and mold your self image into one that isn't fun to live with. 

With names such as “I am beautiful, strong, loving, kind, etc.” should come as a reminder to everyone on the importance of seeing their own self-worth within this world and not being too hard on oneself. With a cue as such, I hope that people see the power of self-love and being kind to oneself; at times your world may feel like a war zone, you might as well make your mind a happy place. 

Everyone should feel their best, but also make others around them feel the same way too. In my hopes of these names in this first collection, I wish that each person who looks at the names, feel the deep sense in knowing they are too all of those adjectives in the name selected.

P.S. if you didn't hear it today: YOU are capable of getting all you want, YOU are beautiful in everyday, YOU are worthy of love and happiness, and YOU are a light in this world. 

Love, Celine