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Behind The Name

Behind The Name

Welcome beautiful, 

Growing up, my mother and I listened to Céline Dion’s extremely empowering and elegant music every day after work, while making dinner, and almost every car ride - making her voice sound like home to me. Picking the name Celine has not only been a name that is dear to my heart but also a "thank you" to my mother showing me elements of class, beauty, and love in everything she did and continues to do.

Fast forward to now, in my early 20's, there is all this talk about marriage and babies (when did we all approve of this?! LOL) I begin to hear my friends and family talk about what names they want to name their child to be and it only comes natural to me that I wanted Celine to be my daughters name when that time comes one day. As I grow older, I look back at how my mother raised me and see all the empowering, inspiring, and hard-working attributes that she instilled into me as she collectively (and may I say gracefully) was a business owner, a single mom of two, a great friend to everyone, and always seemed to have everything together. Her determination to balance fun, business, and family was and still is extremely humbling to watch as a daughter and something I hope to show my daughter one day. 

With the love I feel from the name Celine and the reminder of my mother and her elegance, I wanted my brand "Love, Celine" to be an embodiment of love, empowerment, and inspiration - the same as what I will show, teach, and give to my daughter one day. 


I believed naming this clothing brand "Love, Celine" is a complete embodiment of all the love I want to project into the world with positive manifestations to help women see their true potential.

Overall, this name/brand is a manifestation of my biggest dream that I have always wanted to empower women to do anything they set their mind to through the comfort of clothing, community, and love.

Thank you for reading a little bit of my heart!

Love, Jennifer